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As you are aware, the Board of Parole Hearings (the Board) is eagerly trying to decipher whether or not the inmate sitting before them has developed insight into his/her commitment offense. This insight is developed by rigorously analyzing their relevant legal documents, understanding their belief system, before and during their crime, and clearly identifying who they were then and who they are now. 

In an effort to assist the Board eligible population in the development of insight into their crimes, which consisted of everything from homicide, sex crimes, kidnapping, etc., the Board Insight Consulting, LLC creates a report that many have found to be invaluable during their Board preparation. This report is designed to help Board eligible inmates learn to articulate and cognitively prepare their responses to questions the Board has or may ask by formulating a report of mostly questions based on the specific inmate’s document. This report is based on either their last Board transcripts, their most recent FAD psych report, or both. (Please note that if the FAD report is to be used, the inmate must sign an authorization form.)

This report is not legal advice and is a process based on our experiences and research into the genuine development of insight, self-evaluation, forethought, and consequential thinking. This is an effort to show the change of who we were at the time of the offense, to the suitably person now sitting before the Board. Based on our experience of going through the Board’s suitability process, we will analyze these documents and generate a report, that when used in conjunction with their other preparations should yield a stronger possibility of being found suitable at their next hearing. This undertaking is for inmates still yearning to be found suitable for release, as our consultants have been.

Being able to answer these questions does not guarantee that the inmate will be found suitable for parole. If the inmate has any questions regarding the report, he/she will contact their attorney because we have no direct contact with inmates and we do not accept collect calls. 

This report is designed to aid the inmate to clearly articulate who he/she was (at the time leading up to the crime and at the time of the crime itself, including thoughts beliefs, emotions, etc.) and who he/she is now (with insight, understanding, tools, and hopefully a new belief system), and support demonstrating he/she is no longer a current danger. The quantity of questions and suggestions will vary on a case by case basis depending on how much insight and understanding the inmate seems to already possess based on an analysis of the document(s). For example, there will probably be fewer questions for a FAD report with a Low risk of future violence than for a Moderate or High risk of future violence. The process is personalized to each inmate’s specific document(s) in order to prepare a report which will give him/her the best possibility of gaining the genuine insight required to be found suitable if the inmate takes full advantage of it. 

Understanding most parole attorney’s caseloads, we know how busy and dedicated they are to preparing their clients for a second chance in society. We sincerely share this mentality and we hope we can work on this together. The goal is to give these inmates the best chance at being told by the Board those life altering words, “We find you suitable”. 

Once we receive a completed order form, the documents requested to be in the report, and the release form (if sending the FAD report), and payment, the final report will be sent to you within 7-10 days. It can be sent to you either in the mail or via email. Each report should consist of approximately 100 questions statements, and/or suggestions per source document.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you. When looking for additional ways to help your client/loved ones please remember Board Insight Consulting, LLC, “We are suitable”. 

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