About the Owner


Brad Kohler, Ph.D.

My name is Dr. Brad Kohler and I am proud to introduce you to the Board Insight Consulting, LLC. During my 15 to life sentence, I participated in and taught a plethora of self-help classes while I pursued my education and freedom. In those classes I was fortunate to interact with and befriend many like-minded lifers whose goal was not to just be found suitable, but to genuinely change to become pro-social contributors to society. Our services are for inmates still yearning to be found suitable for release, as I was in 2016 after serving less than 14.5 years on a 15 to life sentence at my second hearing.

During my time I continued my schooling by utilizing both the generosity of my mother and the programs available to California inmates such as the Board of Governor’s (BOG) waiver and other programs at my specific facilities. I entered prison at the age of 20 with a single Associate’s Degree and when I left at the age of 34, I had earned a total of 9 college degrees including my Ph.D. and in so doing, became the first doctor in my family (see below): 

1) Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts

2) Associate’s Degree in General Business

3) Associate’s Degree in American Studies

4) Associate’s Degree in Social & Behavioral Science

5) Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate

6) Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

7) Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration

8) Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration

9) Doctorate Degree in Health Care Administration

I tried to establish this company upon my release because everyone I created this report for while I was incarcerated was found suitable at their next hearing, but my parole agent at the time objected so I had to appeal all the way to the courts. Fortunately, the judge followed the law and granted me permission to establish the Board Insight Consulting, LLC. I hope that the insight and analytical skills of myself and my staff can assist others still waiting to hear those life altering words by the Board, “We find you suitable”. In addition to starting this company, I recently became a published author with my book, Board Preparation: With New Perspectives Comes New insight, which will be available in early 2020 through this website and others like Amazon and Barnes ‘N’ Noble.